• My best experience with attorneys ever- 5 Stars

Posted by Jan ŁomaszewiczOctober 11, 2017

  • Effective Advocacy Leading to Surprise Settlement Offer  – 5.0 stars

Posted by Heather
November 1, 2016

Her professionalism and persistence lead to a well-deserved settlement offer from my car insurer under my underinsured motorist policy after independent medical exams, depositions and negotiations had taken place. She coordinated medical care billings for subrogation which enabled me to work with doctors for my head injury symptoms which ultimately resulted in diagnosis of traumatic brain injury. I recommend her to anybody.

  • Fantastic co-counsel  –  5.0 stars

Posted by Adam Cox
September 15, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Ann-Marie as co-counsel on a case for a client with significant injuries caused in an automobile collision. Ann-Marie demonstrated exceptional judgment in exercising her knowledge, compassion, and commitment to achieve a great result for our client. By marshaling expert witnesses and establishing favorable facts, her hard work resulted in a policy limits settlement by the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and a near policy limits settlement from the UIM carrier, without the need for the client to be involved in protracted litigation. These monies will allow our client to move forward with her life despite the nature of her permanent injuries. I strongly recommend Ann-Marie.

  • Great attorney!  –  5.0 stars

Posted by Christina
August 7, 2016

Ann Marie was an amazing attorney! She worked hard and got me a great settlement! She always returned calls or emails promptly and walked me through the entire process! I’d recommend her to anyone!

  • Professional & Compassionate lawyer – Good Settlement!  –  5.0 stars

Posted by Barbara
September 9, 2015

Ann-Marie Evans was my assigned attorney to represent me through my auto injury case at the office of Harold Carr. Ms. Evans and her office kept me informed about the progress.. The case went through depositions, negotiation, arbitration (good award) and finally mediation after opposing team appealed the arbitration award. At the arbitration hearing, Ms. Evans was very professional, well-organized, and well-prepared to present my case in the most favorable light. It was clear to all that she knew the case and was ready to discuss any issue. I received a higher than expected arbitration award. However, that award was appealed by the opposing insurance company. At each step, Ms. Evans, and her legal staff communicated with me to give me my options. I communicated my expectations clearly, and Ms. Evans worked diligently toward my goal and settlement. During the mediation, Ms. Evans and Mr. Carr showed a masterful and experienced approach. Ms. Evans and Mr. Carr were able to come up with unique solutions, or legal “gymnastics” to get me the settlement that I deserved. I know that their office made no great amount of money on my case, but I felt that I was treated as if I and my case were very important. Ms. Evans is a caring professional who doesn’t back down to big insurance companies. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney in an auto injury case. I am very satisfied with my settlement.